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A bachelor's degree must be completed prior to starting a graduate degree. Based on your response you are currently ineligible to apply for a Master's program at this time.

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I certify that the information on this application is complete and correct. If the admission committee deems it necessary, I authorize a thorough investigation to be made in connection with this application concerning my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, employment, education background and criminal record, whichever may be applicable. I specifically authorize any employer; law enforcement agency; and local, state and federal references to release any and all information requested by Southeastern University concerning my admission. I understand this investigation may include interviews with third parties such as family members, church leaders, educators, employers, friends, neighbors and others with whom I am acquainted. I also affirm that if I am accepted for admission, I will abide by the community life statement of Southeastern University and the policies of the college as outlined in the student handbook.